I am 17 years old, student in a Technical High School at the ICT profile in Warsaw, Poland . All the things that I mentioned under this paragraph, I am doing as my hobby. I would like to share my experience and thoughts with people who have same interests as I have. I invite everyone to contact me to exchange our gained knowledge and maybe create something interesting togather.

I want to do a lot of interesting stuff on YT channel and this website, but i have limited amount of time, so i listed there topics which i want to cover :

-electronics (arduino, raspberry pi, audio amplifiers, power electronics, power supply construction, passive/active filters, waveform modulation circuits, common ICs circuits, oscillators, microphone amplifiers, MOS6502 analysis)

-coding/programming (Web applications, data bases, PHP, Python, sometimes C/C++/C#, computer architecture basics, logic gate circuits, low level code analysis, 8bit architecture, commodore 64 programming, c64 assembler, BASIC programming)

-operating systems (Linux configuration, Bash shell, power shell, Windows 7 configuration, Windows 10 configuration, virtualization, old operating systems ex. win95, niche operating systems ex. reactOS, freeBSD)

-networking (kali linux penetration testing, network configuration under linux, lab environment for networking experiments, network traffic observation, protocol tunneling, server configuration, common protocols analysis)

-design (3D modeling, 3D printing, practical uses for 3D printed objects, a bit about engineering design)

for more detailed view of what i want to do in next video visit my to do list